" The Meisner class I recommend above
  all others in Los Angeles. "

-- Mark Sikes, Casting Director and Showfax.com Columnist

First Year - Beginning Level

  • $200.00 per month
  • Be trained in vocal production technique to strengthen your voice and pronunciation
  • Utilize classical theatre monologue warm-ups (Shakespeare, Gilbert and Sullivan, etc) to improve your diction
  • Learn how to do the Meisner repetition exercises and become versed in how to instinctually find your sense of truth in your readings
  • Complete Levels 1-4 of Meisner Exercises -- Focus on performing honestly as yourself in these levels. Develop the ability to have a '200 lb preparation', achieve wide emotional swings naturally and in the moment, and successfully utilize spontaneous reptition in complex circumstances
  • Cultivate the ability to access a full range of layered emotions and learn how to have an emotional point of view
  • Develop and perform four in-depth, comprehensive scenes with a partner, with several weeks of coaching you on each scene to "deepen" and find the emotional performance
  • Discover the unique essence of who you are and what that brings to your acting
People are attracted to actors who they know and understand them in some personal way. You, as an actor, need to know who you really are and what you're about in order to convey that essence each time you act. This knowledge is central to any theatrical career and is what the First Year of instruction is all about.

Second Year - Intermediate Level

  • $200.00 per month
  • Utilize increasingly difficult classical monologue warm-ups to improve your diction
  • Complete Levels 5-7 of Meisner Exercises -- now with a focus on relationships and relationship histories. Learn the Meisner concepts of probing and impediments, as well as perform Meisner improvisations that require upwards of 5 emotional preps.
  • Focus on comprehensive character work in advanced scene study -- the second year is considered an "interpretation year" ; you develop and perform four in-depth scenes, but this time you will do it as a complete character who is true to the author's purpose and project's style
  • Develop and perform a scene from a Shakespearean or stylized play, with full character development; this is your last scene in the two-year training. This builds to your ability to handle character, style, lots of dialogue, and complex plot twists.
  • Research and perform complex monologues from various traditional and contemporary sources that fit your type and package -- including famed "Spoon River Anthology" monologues
  • Learn to set a script -- and make it look like an accident!
  • Acquire the ability to develop a character that presents unusual physical demands as well as emotional challenges -- for example, Helen Mirren's character work in The Queen or Forest Whitaker in The Last King of Scotland
In the second year, all the scene work becomes character work. You learn how to set all the behavior from the point of view of the character, which means you are now going to be thinking like the character would think. Combined with the First Year knowledge, you can successfully apply your unique emotional point of view to any and all characters and circumstancs

Professional Program - Advanced Level

  • $175.00 per month
  • In almost every case, all students for this program come from completion of the first and second year study with the Wayne Dvorak Acting Studio
  • 5 months of the year are work months -- includes individualized advanced scene study, on-camera technique, storybook improvisation, audition technique, and cold reading
  • 5 months of the year are business months -- meet and perform for agents and casting directors in the studio's mentor program
  • Package yourself -- including your headshot, grooming, resume, and how you meet people and work audition rooms -- so you can book acting jobs
  • Continue to perfect your craft as an actor with growing confidence
The professional program is all about coaching you to become a professional, working actor. You continue your acting study on a personalized, advanced level, as well as learn how to successfully market yourself for acting jobs. Additionally, you meet casting directors and agents who can help further your career.

Cold Reading / Script Breakdown Class

  • $160.00 for 4 meetings
  • This is most often covered in the Professional Program, but occasionally Mr. Dvorak conducts a short series of classes on cold reading and script breakdown.
  • Contact the studio for more information.

Attendance & Rehearsal Policy

  • All classes are by interview and/or audition only.
  • You can audit a class by contacting Mr. Dvorak and setting up an appointment. Audits are completely free.
  • Classes meet January through June, and August through November. July and December are hiatus months -- the studio is closed.
  • You are expected to attend every class and for the full night of the class, only missing class for a professional acting job or illness.
  • You are expected to rehearse with class partners no less than twice a week because this is a committed acting class. This is not recommended for people who don't have the time to put in the work.
  • The second year and professional program are by invitation only. You do not sign an agreement for the full two-year program. However, Mr. Dvorak is looking for serious people. This is a full-commitment program that gets results.
  • Class size is very small (no more than 12 students in the first and second-year classes) with the purpose that you will get an ample amount of individual guidance and attention. You will have a chance to work and be seen every single session

Past Students

Best Meisner Class in Los Angeles - Hollywood

The First Year of class inspired me with constant lessons of self and response. The Second Year inspired me by using these tools to become a pro. This program is hard work, and it's the real deal for serious actors.

-- Matthew Vinci

Top Acting Class in Los Angeles - Hollywood

Any actor looking for a solid foundation to his craft will greatly benefit from Wayne Dvorak's Meisner training. Wayne's classes are small and effective and every student gets the education they deserve to dig deep in creating truth under imaginary circumstances in a safe and supportive environment.

-- Hal Banfield

Top Acting Class in Los Angeles - Hollywood

Going through the Meisner program at the Wayne Dvorak Acting Studio helped me discover whole new levels of freedom and confidence in my acting.

-- Camellia Chanel Friesen

Top Acting Class in Los Angeles - Hollywood

Wayne is a great acting coach. He also guides you through this crazy industry and helps you make career changing choices.

-- Moneer Yaqubi