" The Meisner class I recommend above
  all others in Los Angeles. "

-- Mark Sikes, Casting Director and Showfax.com Columnist


How many people do you have in your classes?
Never more than 12 students are allowed in each of the first and second year classes. The professional level class usually does not have more than 14 students. Overall, Mr. Dvorak does not teach more than 40 students at once. He likes to spend quality time with his acting classes.
What level of acting do you have to be at to work with Mr. Dvorak?
Mr. Dvorak works with students at all levels. If you have had no previous acting instruction but are willing to commit to his program, then you would start in the beginning level. All other levels and programs are by interview/audition only.
How can I audit your class?
Contact Mr. Dvorak to set an appointment.
Can beginning actors join your program? Any age requirements?
Yes, beginning actors are welcome. The Wayne Dvorak Acting Studio is not for children. However, Mr. Dvorak works with adults of all ages, not just 20-somethings. Hollywood is always looking for good actors of all ages and all types.
Since I've had Meisner instruction before, can I just go straight into the Professional Level?
You need to Contact Mr. Dvorak for an interview to discuss your previous instruction.
Do you teach a shorter version of the two-year Meisner program?
No. The Wayne Dvorak Acting Studio only produces actors who will have depth to their work and the ability to book acting jobs. A shorter version of the two-year program would cheapen and minimize this experience and not give you all the tools necessary to be a working actor. Los Angeles currently promotes tons of four and six-week workshops that perpetuate the myth of Hollywood -- meaning that you can drop into Hollywood and be a movie star within a couple of months if you know the "tricks of the trade." If you believe this myth, you're probably a newbie in Los Angeles and will be wasting your money. The Wayne Dvorak Acting Studio does not support this myth, and instead is grounded in the reality of creating an acting career with sense, longevity, and craft.
How do I know if the acting instruction I've had before covered any Meisner work?
You can read the book Sandford Meisner On Acting and see if the type of acting work Mr. Meisner taught seems familiar to you. This is the same type of instruction that Mr. Dvorak provides. You can also discuss your previous work with Mr. Dvorak and audit a class at the Wayne Dvorak Acting Studio to compare.
If I am only in Los Angeles part-time, can I take classes from you?
Probably not. If part-time means you are only gone in July and December, then yes (because those are the studio’s hiatus months). Otherwise, you need to live in the immediate Los Angeles area (not outlying suburbs) January-June and August-November in order to be accepted into any of the Wayne Dvorak Acting Studio programs. The one exception is for coaching.
What homework is involved when I take a class at the Wayne Dvorak Acting Studio Program?
The Wayne Dvorak Acting Studio is unique in that you are required to do rehearsals at least twice per week. Additionally, you are required to memorize scripts, prepare for roles and exercises, and develop emotional depth – all of this takes time, which is considered your homework.
Why do you have students do rehearsals?
You cannot progress as an actor without continually working on exercises and materials to discover acting technique, practice character traits, and interact with other actors in imaginary circumstances. This all happens in rehearsals.

Past Students

Best Meisner Class in Los Angeles - Hollywood

Wayne has helped me to bring out what is honest and truthful about myself. Who I am is what brings my work alive.

-- Jennifer Hynes

Top Acting Class in Los Angeles - Hollywood

Wayne teaches with sincerity and passion, and he gives his full attention to each of his students. He incorporates all his experiences from his over 25 years of teaching and acting in films, TV, theatre, and commercials. From his training I learned Shakespeare analysis, diction, vocal training, script analysis, cold reading, improv, and memorization techniques.

-- Jason Roose

Top Acting Class in Los Angeles - Hollywood

You will be hard pressed to find an acting instructor so dedicated to his students as Wayne Dvorak. He stays uniquely true to the Meisner method of acting -- developing your emotional response, knowing how to prepare for an acting role, and offering the most believable and real performance possible.

-- Terra Wellington, Actress and Screenwriter