" The Meisner class I recommend above
  all others in Los Angeles. "

-- Mark Sikes, Casting Director and Showfax.com Columnist

the studio

The Wayne Dvorak Acting Studio is located in the heart of Los Angeles -- the hip Los Feliz area to be exact. The studio's training program accepts beginning, intermediate, and advanced actors -- by interview / audition only.
Best Meisner Class in Los Angeles - Hollywood Best Meisner Class in Los Angeles - Hollywood

What Makes the Wayne Dvorak Acting Studio Different
and How That Benefits You

  • You will experience pure Meisner instruction that is systematic and comprehensive, building step by step on emotional development, to character work, to professional-level work, and then to business contacts -- the results make you a bookable actor with the ability to have a long, successful career.
  • You will have direct access to the coach, Mr. Wayne Dvorak, from the beginning - you don't have to wade through class levels to have interaction with him. This can accelerate your growth as an actor. Mr. Dvorak supports his students asking him questions to further facilitate acting skills and improve the expression of the material worked on.
  • You will learn how to use the Meisner Technique for comedy, especially film comedy. Many actors don't ever learn these skills, which can give you an advantage since many acting jobs are for comedy.
  • You will enjoy a small class size, which allows for individualized attention. This gives you the edge by allowing the instructor to know you better and give you more personalized guidance that can shape your image and craft faster.
  • You will obtain a professional grasp of language through traditional authors, including Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, and Edward Albee. Your ability to use language to convey meaning and emotion is a critical skill that is rarely taught these days.
  • You will find out what niche you serve in Hollywood as an actor by learning how to package the uniqueness of who you really are. You are brought in to an audition, initially, for the essence you carry in your face -- you will learn what that is and how to package it for success.
Dedicated to Meisner instruction and professional actor development, the studio's principle large work room is set up like a sound stage to give the actor a feeling of being on TV and film.
Best Meisner Class in Los Angeles - Hollywood
Best Meisner Class in Los Angeles - Hollywood
Best Meisner Class in Los Angeles - Hollywood
Best Meisner Class in Los Angeles - Hollywood

Past Students

Best Meisner Class in Los Angeles - Hollywood

Through a series of Meisner improvisational exercises at Wayne's Studio, the training helped me get rid of my inhibitions, gain access to my emotions, and bring the spontaneity and openness involved in those exercises to scripted work.

-- Talin Halabi

Top Acting Class in Los Angeles - Hollywood

Under Wayne's wing I have been able to get an agent, a role on a soap, three national commercials, and have learned how to be a good actor.

-- Thang